Blessings from Lord Sri Karthikeya
Faith over takes the Fear
Right from my childhood, I strongly believe and attached to Hinduism. I always feel that I am blessed to born as a Hindu Hinduism is not only a religion it is the way of life based on various branches of science and philosophy. I was born at the close vicinity of the World Famous Lord Sri Karthikeya’s Grand Temple at Nallur, Jaffna Peninsula called Skanda Swamy Kovil of Nallur. 
 This temple is famous in many things. My favorite Baby God Lord Sri Karthikeya’s one of the favorite abodes in Sri Lanka.   (Also called as Sri Baba Balak Nath in North India)  He silently listens to the pleas of his devotees and relief them from their grievances. My sister Dr,Gayathri and I left Jaffna City way back in 1977 and 78 respectively and came to Chandigarh ( India) for our higher studies. Our love towards all Hindu Gods never faded out from our thoughts. Our attachments towards, the members of the first family of Hinduism , Lord Sri Bhirav Nath and Lord Sri Maha Vishnu always occupy our hearts.
At Chandigarh we have Lord Sri Karthikeya Temple, located in Sector 32 and it is well maintained and festivals are well organized around the year. We also have a miraculous Ma Kali Temple, in the forest across our house at Panjab University. We call her as our Mother as she quickly settles our problems within no time.
I have been working as a Senior Research scientist at the Australian National University at Canberra and currently I am here at Chandigarh. Nowadays I am focusing my energy on Vedic Studies, Dravidian Chapter and Southeast Asian Hinduism.
Last year, 25th of August my old school mate and good childhood friend of mine Mr.Balasubramaniam Balaram’s younger son met with a nasty accident in California. I understood that young Software Engineer was travelling in a taxi with his senior administrator, a young French lady and suddenly one criminal who was being chased by the Police ignored the red signal light and rammed into their taxi. Unfortunately, the lady occupant was killed and Balram’s son 23 yrs old young lad’s head was banged and he had severe injuries. After three weeks or so Balram rang me up and requested me to pray for his son’s recovery as they were undergoing endless mental trauma. The injuries were life threatening and recovery was not expected so quickly and he was under coma for ……. Besides the best treatment from the top most hospital everybody suggested Balram’s family for continuous prayers.      
I immediately realized that it was my testing time in between Faith in God and uneasy speculations about his survival. I closed my eyes and told to Bala to stop worrying or crying,   and prayers of my friends and mine were always with him. I assured him within 14 days the boy will open his eyes and another ten days gradual recovery will follow advised him to have faith on Lord Sri Skanda. Believe or not , exactly 9th day his son opens his eyes and within another 10 days his health started improving , When Bala rang me at the first time  my sister and I were going for a walk in  the park which is home to many peacocks and orphaned dogs. We feed them till date without a single day of break. Once I assured the recovery of his son immediately a huge male peacock responded to us, flown over my head and dropped two beautiful feathers and they landed in our hands.  I told Bala that Lord Muruga has granted his son’s recovery, He and his wife were extremely happy and relaxed.
There is an old Ma Kali Temple across our house and it is located in the jungle. The main Deity Lok Mata Ma Kali is a very powerful one and she has been helping her devotees in many occasions.  My sister calls her “Instant Mataji” as she always answers our prayers within no time. During Bala’s son Haran’s crucial time we caught her feet tightly with our prayers to help Haran for a speedy recovery. We do visit Her Temple regularly and prayers. 7th Day of our visit we got the good news that the boy was on his way to recovery. 
Gradually, Bala’s son undergone couple of surgeries and now he is back to normal. Anyone could realize the trauma of his parents who are living in Canada and flew to California immediately. Their prolonged tensions and the battle between hope, despair and speculations of others took more than nine months to settle.
Our devoted prayers to Lord Sri Karthikeya and Ma Durga saved this young boy   a well, unbelievable battle won through prayers from all.  Lord Sri Karthikeya and Ma Durga never let me down till date.
I used to send many prayers, devotional songs and various kinds of Mantras (variety of Gayathri Mantras) for his son’s recovery. Our Chandīgarh’s Lord Sri Karthkeya Mandir’s Chief Secretary Mr. Rajashekaran Chetiyar , Siva Subramaniam Iyer and the battery of Pandits had also conducted day and night haven for Bala’s son’s recovery.
Many feel that an impossible task was successfully achieved but I feel that nothing is impossible as my favorite Gods both  Lord Sri Karthikya and Ma Durga  - the warriors are by your side. 
Day and night prayers of many well wishers helped Haran to recover from a very precarious stage of struggle for a successful survival.
Many times Lord Sri Karthikeya saved me from many crucial battles.  Right from my childhood I have an unshakable faith and endless love for him. Similarly, I am strongly attached to Lok Mata Sri Parvati from my early age. I have realized her presence many times around me.  My sacred experiences with Samayapuram Sri Maha Mayi and this Chandigarh’s Ma Kali are simply astonishing. I also have wonderful experience with Sri Peichi Amman at Nayanmarkdu near Chemmani Cremation Ground in Jaffna Peninsula. These experiences cannot be forgotten in anyone’s life time.  
I can distinctly remember a wonderful experience of mine way back in December, 2013 at Sri Parthasarathy Grand Temple at Thiruvallikeni (Triplicane). At that time, I visited Chennai on an official invitation from The Archaeological Survey of India – Chennai for a research program in studying the Iron Age human skeletons from Adichanallur, Tamil Nadu.
 It was around 3,30 am in the early rainy  morning . After taking the bath I walked from the hotel to Sri Parthasarathy Temple. It was dark, and thunder showers were on. Somehow I managed to reach the Temple and offered my prayers and came out. At that time the raining  was bit less and I could see   a group of Sri Vaishnav Brahmins chanting the slogans in praise of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu and singing the songs from Sri Andal Thirumoli . One of the middle age Brahmin with  a very pleasant demanour  face came straight to me and asked me that “Could you please give me Rs.15 /-and I want to have my breakfast”. He had a an ever smiling face and  his appearance attracted me a lot. I gave him Rs.50/- . He said that he wanted only Rs.15/-. I told him that it did  not matter, it was okay.. He smiled and took the money and went away from  me. I just stopped  after a few steps and turned and looked at him. He was standing a few feet away with a smile. I asked him  his name as I was getting  an unknown  binding towards  him. He came near to me and told . ‘Hi Raghavan you are having one of my names and you are asking my name? it is funny!’ he continued and said that  I owed him  Rs.15/- but then I had given him   Rs.50/- and that accordingly he owed me.  . He laughed loudly and got down into the sarovar ( Holy pond) of the Temple. .Immediately heavy showers with thunder and lightening came down and He disappeared into the pond..I could realized a very high voltage power charged through my body and started shivering. I could smell the pleasant combined odor of jasmine, marukulunthu and Tulsi   filled that area.
 I searched for him again and again in the rain …but he never appeared. I felt a heavenly, life experience . My closed people told me he was none than Lord Sri Maha Vishnu as he plays with his devotees at various occasions
Generally people are three kinds in their faith. The first kind are the ones who have unshakable faith in GOD under any circumstances. Such people are less in number
The second category people do believe in GOD or Almighty when they are in troubles or problems. Those particular moments they run to GOD or visit the worship places with short lived gratitude. Such kind of people are more in number.
 Once their problems are settled then they avoid visiting temples or ignore  the concept called GOD or almighty. The last category ones are the staunch atheists. And never believe in supernatural power or GOD.
I have witnessed many good people always face  plenty of struggles. But their unshakable faith helps them to withstand against all odds. God keeps on testing them through many ways but never let them go down.  As far as notorious ones are concerned GOD grants them everything and gives them ample opportunities to correct their nature but at the end he drops them down forever.
The concept of Luck eludes many. The origin of luck happens at the junction or the meeting point of Preparation and Opportunity. But generally it rarely happens due to many reasons.
On the other hand, Miracles happen through sincere devotion and prayers. When all doors are closed suddenly a life saving help reaches devotee in an unexplained manner. It is GOD’s action …that is called miracle. I have seen these kinds of miracles many times in life. 

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